Priests albums




The Seduction of Kansas – (5 / 5)

       This album is a substantial leap forward in quality and vision for the band, creating its own consistent and succinct vision of what a rock album should be. The production is key, creating a special atmosphere that gives it a clean produced yet still DIY kind of feeling. The influence of post-punk bands is still heavy: with 154 era Wire on “68 Screen” the bass driven “Not Perceived”, The Cult meets Gun Club level abandon on opener “Jesus Son”, and Blondie on satirical dance song “The Seduction of Kansas”. The out of control rage of “Control Freak” channels Johnny Rotten at his angriest, PIL influence on “Ice Scream”. 
     A lot of new era technology fears are present in the lyrics, most obviously on “You Tube Satre” and the pop driven “I’m Clean” is an interesting diversion. The more artful direction is very well used in the mini song “Interlude I Dream…” and the way the chorus falls into itself on “Good time Charlie”. dynamic approach and intricate natures of the songs and guitar leads by GL Jaguar would take a team of mathematicians to decipher.  A song like “Carol” is a late album example of a beautiful tune, like a snowflake in its uniqueness, sounding like nothing that came before and nothing after. The more so than their 2016 debut album, this record proves the group can conquer about any style they want to. Lastly, the female lead vocals of Katie Greer and drumming of Danielle Danielle are symbolic of the late 2010’s and a very provocative an absorbing album for it’s time. I do believe its a masterwork!

Best Songs: Good Time Charlie, Jesus Son, Not Perceived, Carol