Miracle Eyes

By: Trevor e.y.




Life as a Concept

Is a disaster

Miracle wanes when we tried!

And your adopted

You ask why

With miracle eyes!




Miracle Eyes

Miracle eyes

(light a) Marigold way when we try,

You got it goin on inside



I love her so much, but

Denied babies

Miracle wanes when we tried!

And life is hard-earned

But we will make it

With miracle eyes!




And life is good enough to conceive in

In time, you may not laugh it all and start grieving

In time, They’ll tell ya that is dumb and naive

But would it prove them right to believe in,

Living, on the fly


(chorus inverted)


And in summation

…We must keep moving or die

Cause we are here in the days of our lives!

Choose not to dwell on, the dark…

You got it, u got it, u caught a glimpse of



(chorus inverted)