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Thing Called Divine Fits – (4 / 5)

Dan Boeckner and Britt Daniel are the leaders of their other respective bands, Wolf Parade and Spoon. When comes together it is quite the blend of styles because in reality these two songwriters dipped from the same pool of influences anyway (80’s electro pop, minimal 70’s post punk). The record starts off slow but once it gets to about track five the songs really start clicking. You could argue that “The Salton Sea” through “Neopolitans” make up the meat of the album quality wise. The more experimental the duo gets, the better it is- experimental songwriting seems to fuel them, which makes sense because it is a side project. Whatever its retro kinda feel, when the songs work they are the best things that either person has done in several years. It is hard to find a album, much less a collaberative one, more fun then Divine Fits in the 2010’s. Ironically the album was rather over looked by everyone except devout followers of each group, perhaps it should have been called simply ‘Brit and Dan’?

Best Tracks: Baby Get Worse, Like Ice Cream, Shivers