The Great Albums of the 1990’s

This list is all of the great albums I have heard in rock, in the ten year span of 1990-1999. No limit on number



2009 edition = 188 entries

2013 edition = 293 entries

2017 edition = 384 entries




new! = new addition

up – moved up the list since last time

down – moved down the list since last time

italics – 5 star albums

regular font – 4 ½ star albums





1.Perfect from Now On – Built to Spill

2.Red Medicine – Fugazi

3.Fear of a Black Planet – Public Enemy

4.Get Lost – Magnetic Fields  

5.Spiderland – Slint

6.Walk On – John Hiatt

7.Geek the Girl – Lisa Germano

8.I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One – Yo la Tengo

9.Fully Completely – The Tragically Hip

10.Good – Morphine



11.Buhloone Mindstate – De La Soul new!

12.Deserter’s Songs – Mercury Rev

13.I Could Live in Hope – Low

14.Rhythm of the Saints – Paul Simon

15.Bozo – Lida Husik

16.Keep it Like a Secret – Built to Spill

17.The Charm of the Highway Strip – The Magnetic Fields

18.There’s a Star Above the Manger Tonight – Red Red Meat

19.Repeater – Fugazi up

20.Millions Now Living Will Never Die – Tortoise



21.Down Colorful Hill – Red House Painters

22.The Holy Bible – Manic Street Preachers

23.Twin Infinitives – Royal Trux

24.Black on Both Sides – Mos Def  

25.Dig Me Out – Sleater Kinney

26.Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain – Dogbowl

27.Happiness – Lisa Germano

28.Yank Crime – Drive like Yehu up

29.Venus Luxury No. 1 – Girls vs Boys  

30.Loveless – My Bloody Valentine


31.Marshmellows – For Carnation new!

32.Exile in Guyville – Liz Phair

33.Ocean Songs – The Dirty Three up

34.Dummy – Portishead

35.Traffic From Paradise – Rickie lee Jones

36.Plays Pretty for Baby – Nation of Ulysses up

37.New Pop Sunday – Sponge down

38.Goo – Sonic Youth

39.Rollercoaster – Red House Painters  

40.Bone Machine – Tom Waits



41.File Under: Easy Listening – Sugar  

42.Ask Questions Later – Cop Shoot Cop new!

43.Trompe Le Monde – Pixies

44.White Light from the Mouth of Infinity – Swans

45.Frizzle Fry – Primus

46.May I Sing With Me – Yo La Tengo

47.Electro-Shock Blues – The Eels

48.Perfect Teeth – Unrest

49.Long Division – Low

50.Parklife – Blur




51.Steady Diet of Nothing – Fugazi

52.The Good Son – Nick Cave

53.Goat – The Jesus Lizard

54.Midnight Marauders – Tribe Called Quest

55.Ruby Vroom – Soul Coughing    

56.Dusk at Cubist Castle – Olivia Tremor Control

57.Altered Beast – Matthew Sweet

58.The Black Light – Calexico up

59.I Hope Your Sitting Down – Lambchop up

60.Liquid Swords – GZA new!



61.The Hot Rock – Sleater Kinney

62.Trampoline – Joe Henry new!

63.Holiday – The Magnetic Fields

64.TNT – Tortoise

65.Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements – Stereolab

66.Day for Night – The Tragically Hip down

67.Two – Black Heart Procession  

68.Yerself is Steam – Mercury Rev

69.Circa Now – Rocket Form the Crypt

70.Excerpts from a Love Circus – Lisa Germano



71.Gentlemen – The Afghan Wigs

72.Bee Thousand – Guided by Voices

73.Extra Width – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion up

74.On the Way Down from Moon Palace – Lisa Germano

75.Dirty – Sonic Youth

76.Magician Among the Spirits – The Church

77.Hey Babe – Juliana Hatfield

78.Volebeats – Solitude

79.Cure for Pain – Morphine

80.Sailing on the Seas of Cheese – Primus



81.Telescopic – Edith Frost

82.Muse Sick-N-Hour Message – Public Enemy

83.Honey’s Dead – The Jesus and Mary Chain

84.In On the Kill Taker – Fugazi

85.1990 – Daniel Johnston

86.This Time – Dwight Yoakum

87.Aquemini – Outkast up

88.When I was a Boy – Jane Siberry

89.A Picture of Nectar – Phish

90.Destroy Me, Lover – Pain Teens down



91. Your Bag – Lida Husik

92.At Action Park – Shellac

93.Kiko – Los Lobos

94.Reading, Writing and Arithmetic – The Sundays

95.Kind Hearted Women – Michelle Schocked new!

96.Illmatic – Nas new!

97.Bossanova – Pixies

98.Too High to Die – The Meat Puppets

99.If Your Feeling Sinister – Belle and Sebastian

100.Painful – Yo La Tengo


101.Thank You – Royal Trux

102.Liar – Jesus Lizard

  1. Red Apple Falls – (smog)

104.Everything Must Go – The Manic Street Preachers

105.Just for a Day – Slowdive

106.Blues for the Red Sun – Kyuss

107.Pacer – The Amps

108.Enter the Wu Tang – Wu Tang new!

109.Mars Auditic Quintet – Stereolab up

110.Winding Sheet – Mark Lanegan



111.Pod – The Breeders

112.Boces – Mercury Rev

113.Unsane – Unsane

114.OK Computer – Radiohead

115.Vs – Pearl Jam

116.Stolen Moments – John Hiatt

  1. The Infamous – Mobb Deep new!

118.A Thousand Leaves – Sonic Youth up

119.100% Fun – Matthew Sweet

120.Hex – Bark Psychosis new!



121.In Utero – Nirvana

122.Snailbait – Azailia Snail 

123.Joyride – Lida Husik new!

124.Wasps’ Nests – The 6ths

125.Fuzzy – Grant Lee Buffalo

126.Zopilote Machine – The Mountain Goats

127.Vegas Throat – Barkmarket new!

128.Wild Love – (smog)

129.So Happy Together – The Grifters up

130.Strangers from the Universe – Thinking Fellers Union 282 new!


131.Bob Mould – Bob Mould

132.The Guilt Trip – Kramer  

133.Rusty – Rodan

134.Electr-O-Pura – Yo La Tengo

135.A Live One – Phish

136.Like Swimming – Morphine

137.Severe Exposure – Six Finger Satellite new!

138.Slide – Lisa Germano

139.Low End Theory – Tribe Called Quest

140.Start Packing – Run On new!


141.Automatic for the People – R.E.M.  

142.Dogman – King’s X

143.Nevermind – Nirvana

144.Insomniac – Green Day

145.Nonsuch – XTC

146.El Corazon – Steve Earle

147.Beautiful Freak – The Eels

148.Foo Fighters – Foo Fighters

149.No Pocky for Kitty – Superchunk

150.Mock Tudor – Richard Thompson

Tired yet??? Well believe it or not there

even more great albums!


151.Foxbase Alpha – Saint Etienne new!

152.Sweetness and Light – Steve Wynn

153.The La’s – The La’s

154.Either/Or – Eliot Smith

155.In the Aeroplane over the Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel down

156.The Return of Red Emma – Lida Husik

157.Apocalypse 91 – Public Enemy

158.Crusie Yourself – Girls vs Boys

  1. Imperial ffrr – Unrest

160.Yume Bitsu – s/t new!


161.Black Sheets of Rain – Bob Mould

162.Q.O.T.S.A – Queens of the Stone Age down

163.Porno for Pyros – Porno for Pyros down

  1. Purple – Stone Temple Pilots

165.How I Quit Smoking – Lambchop new!

166.Henry’s Dream – Nice Cave

167.The Downward Spiral – Nine Inch Nails new!

168.Alien Lanes – Guided by Voices

169.Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge – Mudhoney

170.Julias Ceaser – Smog



171.The Great Escape – Blur

172.With These Hands – Alejandro Escovedo

173.You Turn Me On – Beat Happening

174.No Need to Argue – The Cranberries

175.For Your Own Special Sweetheart – Jawbox

176.A Prince Among Thieves – Prince Paul new!

177.Vitalogy – Pearl Jam

178.Well Oiled – Hash Jar Tempo new!

179.Lawn Boy – Phish new!

180.Black Foliage – Olivia Tremor Control up



181.Angel Dust – Faith No More

182.Munki – Jesus & Mary Chain up

183.Odelay – Beck

184.Exit Planet Dust – The Chemical Bros new!

185.Challenge for a Civilized Society – Unwound

186.Hello June Fool – Madder Rose new!

187.Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde – the Pharcyde new!

188.Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – Smashing Pumpkins up

189.You, the Night, and the Music – Gallon Drunk new!

190.Red Stars Theory – Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful



191.Four Great Points – June of 44

192.Yes – Morphine

193.Wax Ecstatic – Sponge

194.Ben Hur – Bitch Magnet new!

195.Bellybutton – Jellyfish

196.Total Destruction – Unsane down

197.Crappin’ You Negative – The Grifters up

198.Lullaby Land – Vampire Rodents new!

199.The Soft Bulletin – The Flaming Lips

200.The Wayward Bus -.Magnetic Fields



  1. If There was a Way – Dwight Yoakum

202.Gold Against the Soul – Manic Street Preachers

203.The Score – Fugees new!

204.A Series of Sneaks – Spoon

205.The Bends – Radiohead

206.This is not a Dream – Dadamah

207.Whitechocolatespaceegg – Liz Phair

208.The Future of What – Unwound

209.Godspeed the Shazam – The Shazam

210.Copper Blue – Sugar


211.Laughing Stock – Talk Talk

212.This Perfect World – Freedy Johnston new!

  1. Elliott Smith – s/t new!

214.Ben Hur – Bitch Magnet  

215.Weezer – Weezer

216.As Performed By – Aerial M new!

217.Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine

218.In It for the Money – Supergrass

219.Bonnie Prince Billy – I See a Darkness

220.To Bring You MY Love – PJ Harvey new!



221.Waiting for You – Gordon Lightfoot new!

222.Life of Crime – Laughing Hyenas new!

223.Exploded Drawing – Polvo

224.Soundtracks for the Blind – Swans

225.Everclear – American Music Club new!

226.The Brown Album – Primus

227.Phantasies and Sensations – Bugskull

228.Souvlaki – Souldive new!

229.69 Love Songs – The Magnetic Fields

230.Apple Venus pt. 1 – XTC



231.Last Great Challenge in a Dull World – Peter Jefferies new!

232.Consumer Revolt – Cop Shoot Cop new!

233.Horse Stories – Dirty Three  

234.Orange – Jon Spencer

235.Tropic of Scorpio – Girls vs Boys

236.Blanket Warm – Lullaby of the Working Class new!

237.Top Loader – Sugarsmack  

238.The Lonesome Crowded West – Modest Mouse

239.Emperor Tomato Ketchup – Stereolab

240.Car Wheels on a Gravel Road – Lucinda Williams


241.Fun Trick Noise Maker – Apples in Stereo

242.Year One (Crypt Style) – Jon Spencer new!

243.Transmitions from the Satellite Heart – The Flaming Lips

244.One Chord to Another – Sloan

245.More Sad Hits – Damon and Naomi

246.Wildflowers – Tom Petty

247.My Midnight – Steve Wynn

248.Post – Bjork

249.Teenager of the Year – Frank Black  

250.No Code – Pearl Jam



251.Little Earthquakes – Tori Amos up

251.What Would the Community Think – Cat Power

252.Forgotten Foundation – (smog)

  1. Vee Vee – Archers of Loaf new!

254.Cardinal – s/t

  1. Wowee Zowee – Pavement

256.Siamese Dream – Smashing Pumpkins up

257.In the Air – The Handsome Family new!

258.Moonflower Plastic – Tobin Sprout

259.We Can’t Be Stopped – Geto Boys new!

  1. Fun Trick Noise Maker – Apples in Stereo


261.Days in the Wake – Palace Music

262.Rufus Wainwright – s/t

263.Night Ride Home – Joni Mitchell

264.University – Throwing Muses

265.Kingsbury Manx – s/t

266.Monster – R.E.M.

267.The End of Silence – Rollins Band

268.Choclate and Cheese – Ween

269.Fountians of Wayne – Fountains of Wayne

270.Only Everything – Juliana Hatfield  


271.Actung Baby – U2

272.One – Black Heart Procession

273.I Feel Alright – Steve Earle new!

274.Gone – Dwight Yoakum up

275.Dusk – The The

276.Good News for Modern Man – Grant Hart

277.Sleeps With Angels – Neil Young new!

278.Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain – Pavement

279.Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home – Geraldine Fibbers

280.Delete Yourself – Atari Teenage Riot new!



281.Tape Head – King’s X

  1. 2 – Royal Trux

283.Murder Ballads – Nick Cave new!

284.The Burning Circle and the Dust – Lycia new!

285.Suede – Suede

286.Evil Empire – Rage Against the Machine

287.Trace – Son Volt new!

288.Can You Fly – Freedy Johnston new!

289.Neighborhood – Los Lobos new!

  1. Welcome to Sky Valley – Kyuss


291.Demanufacture – Fear Factory new!

292.Down – Jesus Lizard 293.Washing Machine – Sonic Youth

294.Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Floating in Space – Spiritualized

295.Bricks are Heavy – L7 new!

296.Drive Like Yehu – s/t new!

297.Eye of the Hunter – Brendan Perry

298.Whiskey for the Holy Ghost – Mark Lanegan new!

299.When Your Heartstrings Break – Beulah

300 13-Point Plan to Destroy America – Nation of Ulysses new!


Keep going friends…..the 90’s had so many great records


301.Red Red Meat – Bunny Gets Paid

302.Vision Creation Newsun – Boredoms new!

303.Being There – Wilco

304.Fontnelle – Babes in Toyland

305.Faust – Randy Newman new!

306.One Sock Missing – The Grifters new!

307.In Search of… – Fu Manchu

308.Radiator – Super Furry Animals

309.Split Milk – Jellyfish new!

310.Slanted and Enchanted – Pavement



311.Blur – Blur

312.Scream, Dracula, Scream – Rocket from the Crypt

313.In Reverse – Matthew Sweet

314.Ritual de lo Habitual – Jane’s Addiction

315.Repeatition – Unwound Repetition – Unwound

316.Irresistable Bliss – Soul Coughing

317.Dookie – Green Day

318.Collective Soul – Collective Soul

319.Blue Lines – Massive Attack new!

320.Soul Food – Goodie Mob new!



321.On the Wires of Our Nerves – Add n to X

322.SunBurn – Blake Babies new!

323.Under the Pink – Tori Amos up

324.There’s Nothing Wrong With Love – Built to Spill

325.Tone Soul Evolution – Apples in Stereo

326.So Much for the Afterglow – Everclear

327.I Should Coco – Supergrass

328.Television – s/t new!

329.The Mollusk – Ween

330.The Sky and the Ocean – Volebeats new!


331.Grace – Jeff Buckley up

332.Icky Mantle – Archers of Loaf new!

333.White Noise – Cop Shoot Cop new!

334.Core – Stone Temple Pilots

335.From the Heart of Town – Gallon Drunk

336.Pass and Stow – Lungfish

337.Peng – Stereolab new!

338.Tortoise – s/t

339.Long Hair in Three Stages – US Maple new!

340.So Tonight that I may See – Mazzy Star



341.The Last Splash – The Breeders

342.MCMXC A.D. – Enigma new!

343.When The Pawn…. – Fionna Apple

344.Pinkerton – Weezer

345.O.G. – Ice T new!

346.Under the Table and Dreaming – Dave Matthews Band

347.Bufo Alvarius – Bardo Pond

348.Sometime Anywhere – The Church

349.Peggy Suicide – Julian Cope new!

350.Moon Pix – Cat Power



351.Skeleton at the Feast – Gary Lucas new!

352.Swing the Statue – Victoria Williams

353.Tiny Music – Stone Temple Pilots

354.Swing the Statue – Victoria Williams

355.Two – Don Caballero new!

356.Fear of God – The Bats new!

357.This is How It Feels – Golden Palominos

358.Spoke – Calexico

359.Bufo Alvarius – Bardo Pond new!

360.Maxinquaye – Tricky new!


361.Triage – David Baerwald new!

362.Euphoria Morning – Chris Cornell

363.Shuffletown – Joe Henry

363.Gravity – Alejandro Escovedo new!

364.El Oso – Soul Coughing

365.The Future – Leonard Cohen

366.Mirror Ball – Neil Young

367.New Miserable Experience – The Gin Blossoms

  1. Head – Jesus Lizard new!

369.The Problem with Me – Seam

370.Fear – Toad the Wet Sprocket


371.Slow Deep and Hard – Type O Negative new!

372.Clockseed – Vampire Rodents new!

373.Agaetis Byrjun – Sigur Ros

374.Distant Plastic Trees – Magnetic Fields

375.Wretch – Kyuss new!

376.Check Your Head – Beastie Boys

377.Screamadelica – Primal Scream

378.Rift – Phish new!

379.Blue – Third Eye Blind

380.Let Love in – Nice Cave new!


381.New Adventures in Hi Fi – R.E.M down

382.The Future – Leonard Cohen

383.Reality of my Surroundings – Fishbone new!

384.Tigerlily – Natalie Merchant