Songs of the Week – Late 2016


A blog where I pick one song to listen to and enjoy, every week! It’s a bit of fun, and a peek into my musical taste and exploration. The point is to discover new music and please give any feedback you would like!


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Song of the Week – Dec 19th, 2016

Magnetic Fields – “Saddest Story Ever Told”

Just…..the greatest band ever, if you are in the right mindset. Enough said.





Song of the Week – November 28th, 2016

Doves – “The Cedar Room”

This song shows off the poppier side of the band while never losing complexity. It also has one of the most heartbreaking choruses ever put to record as Goodwin sings, “I tried to sleep alone but I couldn’t do it/ you could be sitting next to me/ and you wouldn’t know it/ if I told you you were wrong, I don’t remember saying it.” Also of note, it came out before Coldplay’s “Yellow”…..just sayin….






Song of the Week – November 15th, 2016

Cannibal Ox – “Ridiculoid”

while we all wait for the new Run The Jewels album to drop, never forget:

“See I exist

Iron fist

Metal speech


Came out the womb of a phoenix, expect nothin less”



Song of the Week – Nov. 12th, 2016

Placebo – “Every Me and Every You”

So i went to this “goth dance party” last night, which is hilarious enough on its own b/c i was not at all dressed for it, but the first song i heard played was this Placebo song I loved to death when i was like 15. It was kind of a cheesy song to like at the time, and I recognized that at an early age, but when it came on I still danced my butt off! I didn’t care that people that i was crazy for knowing all the words. I showed them! I’m not sure the lyrics make any sense at all but I sang them to a bunch of strangers like they made perfect sense.






Song of the Week – Oct. 31st, 2016

The Dream Syndicate – “Halloween”

Not exactly a scary song in the way that most halloween songs are, more like the feeling of unpredictability present in everyday life is in fact more scary then a holiday where people dress up in costumes. Whatever the song is about, check out that guitar solo!





Song of the Week – Oct. 24th, 2016

Toad the Wet Sprocket – “Good Intentions”

So many hit singles of the 1990’s put modern music to shame, it’s kinda sad really. Different expectations I guess. Songs with serious messages can also be catchy and fun!






Song of the Week – Oct. 6th, 2016

Flying Burrito Brothers – “Sin City”

Gram Parsons has always had the ability to move my soul in a way most country artists do not He is one of the few transcendent people in music that is just good no matter what he tries his hand at, and simultaneously makes an other wise dead genre (to me) seem full of possibilities. Since discovering his music, I have branched out and found that there is plenty of country music I actually love! But he was the first, my personal gateway.







Song of the Week – Sept. 20th, 2016

Penguin Café Orchestra – “Penguin Cafe Single” (1976)

If you don’t know much about Penguin Café Orchestra, that is perfectly normal. They exist along the fringes of rock music for sure, but are an essential experimental band that effortlessly blends classical elements into a rock format while also expanding the very definition of “rock” music itself. Post rock, as a genre, would not exist as successfully without them. I’ll talk more about them someday, for now just listen to their first song off their first album and enjoy 😛






Song of the Week – Sept 10th, 2016

Sugar – “Favorite Thing”

Bob Mould is great at writing catchy pop tunes but he is also loves guitar distortion. Perhaps that is why a song as catchy as “Favorite Thing” never caught on, even at the height of Grunge in 1994. Oh well, who cares if it still sounds this great today!




Song of the Week – Sept. 5th

The Reflections – “Romeo and Juliet”

from 1964, sometimes old fashioned means immortal 🙂




Song of the Week – Aug. 25th,2016

Randy Newman – “Guilty”

There is a lot of self loathing in this song, but that is what Newman does best: he makes private songs about himself and his outlook on life somehow universal. “Guilty” is not one of his biggest hits, but definitely one of his best songs.





Song of the Week – Aug. 18th,2016

Perfume Genius – “Dark Parts”

Mike Hadreas is one of the most important singer/songwriters working today. His songs are deep emotional chasms for sure, but there is always some semblance of hope underneath. He dares to play with song structure more often than not, and nothing is conventional about his music. Rarely does an artist make music this daring and have it work the majority of the time.