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A blog where I pick one song to listen to and enjoy, every week! It’s a bit of fun, and a peek into my musical taste and exploration. The point is to discover new music and please give any feedback you would like!

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Song of the Week – June 26th, 2017

Julian Cope – “Elegant Chaos”

For those in the know, Cope is a well respected pop songwriter and a fearless master of melody. But there is more to it than that and he really should be more known than he is. Not only does he write songs that are catchy and stick in your head for days, he makes great observations about life that contradict his happy melodies. And isn’t that what its all about in the end?

Song of the Week (via Blake Connley) – June 14th, 2017

Silkworm – “Don’t Make Plans This Friday Night”

silkworm were a trio (initially a quartet) of gritty midwestern rocker. sitting somewhere in a ven diagram of crazy horse Neil young and archers of loaf. Rad dirty guitars, heavy bass, hard yet pensive drum beats. Their lyrical content often revolves around drinking, whether alone or with yr pals, and the sort of middle American weariness that comes with it. a band very easy to overlook and dismiss on first listen. they have that weird phenomena of being a band that will sneak up on you and suddenly you find yrself six months down the road binge jamming their albums. this song is from their matador release “firewater” and seems to resolve around a husband whose drinking has led his life to a divorce and alienation from his family, yet choosing to not let that keep him away from his Friday night drinking ritual. bonus points for a really killer guitar solo!

Song of the Week – June 10th, 2017

The Roots – “Long Time”

The Roots are a unique band that really combine about every genre of music, its hard just to call them hip hop or jazz or rock be cause they truly try to encapsulate everything all at once. I’ve heard pretty much all of their albums at this point, and have come to the conclusion that “Long Time” is probably the best song they ever did, off of their 2006 album Game Theory. If anything, the song is too short, and deserves some kind of ten minute long live version that I hope to see some day. I can’t think of an idea or genre that this band has not attempted at least one time, and for a moment in the mid 2000’s they were the best modern rock band around.

Song of the Week – May 31st, 2017

Pink Floyd – “Corporal Clegg”

From 1968, this song is somewhat of a grower. Definitely a bridge between where they came from and where they were going though, and helps put the psycho in psychodelic

Song of the Week – May 20th, 2017

Soundgarden – “Pretty Noose”

It really couldn’t be anything else this week. What else can be said?


Song of the Week – May 7th, 2017

The Mekons – “Millionaire” (1993)

This may be the band’s most effective single, as it demonstrartes how their sarcastic lyrics can be convincing when sung by Sally Timms. I could be convinced of about anything with that vocie, really.

Song of the Week – April 25th, 2017

Robyn Hitchcock – “Queen of Eyes”

Robyn Hitchcock’s jangle psych-rock is so embedded in our everyday listening that he almost sounds normal these days. Without Hitchcock updating the sounds of The Beatles and The Byrds to the New Wave era of the 1970’s, (not to mention a heavy does of Pink Floyd) psychedelic music as we know it might not even exist. Also, he loves to talk about bugs. Just accept it because that is how he is, and it just adds to him being one of the most original voices in all of Rock N Roll. And he lives in Nashville these days!!!!! Originally from 1980’s Underwater Moonlight album.

Song of the Week – April 7th, 2017

Richard Thompson – “Night Comes In”

ol’ Thompson is one of the most original guitar players around, as well of the king of dirges. His songs are odes to the sadness of life, but somehow always life affirming as well. After looking at dozens of videos I picked this one, originally recorded in 1975 and one of his longest and bleakest. But those guitar solos…..there is nothing like them. They are mystical and unlike anyone else.

Song of the Week – April 2nd, 2017

Phish – “Axilla”

Phish are a very misunderstood band, as they are unfairly lumped in with the hippie jam band scene too often. In reality they are more of a progressive rock group with Frank Zappa tendencies and ZZ Top and Allman Brothers obsessions. This is one of their more brief, rocking tunes, but they had many sides – the ability to jam for long periods of time is only one of them.

Song of the Week – March 27th, 2017

Spoon – “Metal Detektor”

this was probably their first great song, of their second album 1998’s Series of Sneaks. I have always just loved the way the song is very driving but also full of emotion, it sounds like a band that is on tour but never quite at home anywhere. Spoon has almost 10 albums to their name and have outlasted most of their contemporaries, and they salute the past with this recent live performance.

Song of the Week – March 6th, 2017

Elvis Costello & The Attractions – “Possession”

My favorite track off of my favorite Elvis album. Something about this tune has always just stuck with me, as it’s the perfect balance of catchy and melodramatic.

Song of the Week – Februrary 28th, 2017

Julia Holter – “Sea Calls Me Home”

A song that sounds like it could have been created by a mermaid C(and perhaps it was??). Holter keeps perfecting her ethereal sound and it is amazing to behold.

Song of the Week – Februrary 20th, 2017

Tapes n’ Tapes – “The Dirty Dirty”

Definitely one of the more underrated acts of their time, Tapes n Tapes crafted a beautiful sound on their final album that was a mix of current alternative rock trends and futuritstic leanings. No song quite captured this blend better than this one, a song that sounds so hard to play and replicate it kind of boggles the mind with it’s shifting construction and pulsating drum beat. A rare treat!

Song of the Week – February 11th, 2017

Mercury Rev – “Opus 40”

“Tears in waves minds on fire,
Nights alone by your side.”

One of the great, underrated psychedelic bands of the 90’s. Mercury Rev took eveything great about about bands like Pink Floyd, The Band, and Jimi Hendrix and updated into their own sophisticated sound that was too good for mainstream radio. But it sounds better today then it did 20 years ago!

Song of the Week – January 31st, 2017

King Crimson – “Easy Money”

John Wetton died today, and he was one of the greatest bass players / singers in rock history. He basically played with all of the greatest 1970 progressive rock groups (Family, Roxy Music, King Crimson) before forming his own beautifully complex bands: U.K. and Asia.

Song of the week – Jan 25th, 2017

Dick Van Dyke – “D.V.D. Rap Song”

In honor of Mary Tyler Moore passing away (seriously go watch Ordinary People or Flirting With Disaster, two the greatest movies ever made) I’m dedicating the song o’ the week to Dick Van Dyke’s rap song for…kids? I don’t know, but it gets all psychedelic at the end with saxophones. Also….it’s dick van dyke rapping people!

Song of the Week – January, 20th, 2017

Gordon Lightfoot – “Seven Island Suite”

Gordon lightfoot is an oddity among rock musicians. Kinda folk, kinda folk, kinda hard rock, he never fits in to one genre easily. He generally has supurb lyrics, but they are often overshadowed by his bizzare song structures and easy going attitude. HE is one of the few artists that makes complicated, boundry pushing music very accessible. He also has as many great albums as NEil Young or Bob Dylan in my opinion, but his style never really has changed over the years and he never genre hopped; he just does one thing very, very well. This is an overlooked gem of a song, one of many. Just try to learn it on guitar….a one of a kind structure…… n in my opinion, but his style never really has changed over the years and he never genre hopped; he just does one thing very, very well. This is an overlooked gem of a song, one of many. Just try to learn it on guitar….a one of a kind structure……

Song of the Week – Jan. 7th, 2017

Leo Kottke – “Vaseline Machine Gun”

Every time i think i am getting better at guitar I think of this guy. Timeless.