by: Trevor Evans-Young





There’s a place with no locks on the door

And my heart never vibes not scenic

There a tune on the avian wind

only lock that I ever needed




There’s a trace where everybody goes at night

Bed unturns as i yearn for the world outside




On the verge of a thought that is wrong

We relax lay about the scenery

Write a poem galvanized by allure

Saying nothing will come between us





The koda…..the kodiak wind x2


When it comes to the one that I love

I will transport the world bedside her

I will be like the grass and the trees

Like leaf on the wind but lighter

There is food there are tools there is rain

Their alight as the road that’s guides us

To place with the avian wind

And I laugh As I come In sight of





The koda…..the kodiak wind x8