Jesca Hoop albums




Memories are Now – (5 / 5)

      The greatest female singer/songwriter record of the year. Hoop’s unique, stripped down style is one for the ages, taking a disjointed sound and atmosphere and making it sound very nurturing and immediate as well. “Animal Logic” is a great tale of technology versus our own brains, told in a nonsensical style. “The Lost Sky” recalls Paul Simon with its mysterious aura and haunting lyrics, as the title track and “Cut Connection” are instant classics of folk music with airy melodies that stay in your head for days. The second side of the record is a little more of an acquired taste, but no less entertaining once odd tales such as “Unsaid” and “Pegasi” are absorbed into the psyche. Her tunes are unpredictable but very endearing. Jesca has the ability to pull you into her world, as her sound is that of angst portrayed in an often-jarring contrast to the minimal acoustic counterpart. The best tunes rival that of Joni Mitchell and Joana Newsom. and more successfully than any album she has released prior to this one. It is a female voice that blows all her male counterparts away, though it is at times merely a whisper.