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Wake in Frieght – (4.5 / 5)

It has been a while since someone dug up the ghost of Ministry and Godflesh so single mindedly, that it’s easy to view this album as some sort of one trick pony. That would be a mistake of course, and there is plenty of great songwriting to be found underneath the harsh metallic sounds of the record. “The Killing of America” and “Habit” are very interesting in their approach to make music that is truly frightening and disturbing, even if the disturbing qualities come from only telling harsh truths. Harsh opener “Tabloid” could be Nine Inch Nails or Foetus at their most unforgiving, but has just enough of a freshness that it works as a comparison test. Some records are just really great at making one point and try to pound it in your head over and over; in the case of Wake in Fright, it works brilliantly.