Volcano Choir albums




Repave – (4 / 5)

When Justin Vernon joined Justin Mueller and Thomas Wincek for the project Volcano Choir, a certain sense of community was born. The songs became meaningful beyond whoever wrote them, beyond whoever sang them, as all aspects blended together into a mesh of chamber folk to timeless to name. “Comrade” illustrates this better than any song on the album, sounding like the theme to The Last Supper and adding that sense of community. When music can lift your spirits in the idiom of folk rock, it can lead to magical moments, at once recalling Simon and Garfunkel as well as The National suggesting some kind of natural midpoint between them. “Acetate” and “Byegone” generate the kind of energy that is rare to find in rock music- inspirational yet unfinished, like discovering a new planet but not knowing whether or not the native aliens will want to kill you or show you how to live there. Much more than Bon Iver’s self titled album, Volcano Choirs Repave points to new possibilities.