Sharon Van Etten albums




Remind Me Tomorrow – (5 / 5)

     After a five year break between albums, Von Etten returns with her most focused album so far. The first half is rather difficult but after a couple of listens i have come to like it a lot more, the moody opener “I Told You Everything” is nice glimpse into Von Etten’s newfound digital dream world. “No One is Easy to Love” and “Comeback Kid” are more rock oriented songs in the vein of her older records and “Jupiter 5” is the ballad to end all folk ballads, perhaps not as successful as “Malibu” a ballad from outer space and more in line with the tone of the rest of the record. Her songs here are slow paced, but you can hear and feel every single note and nuance, such is the delicacy of Sharon’s brand of rock n roll. 
      The second half of the record is where Von Etten and her band really shine, and it is easily the best thing she has ever done! Blasting anthem “Hands” is her most powerful soul-searching rocker, while the trickily worded “Your Shadow” and should be hit “Malibu” betray an almost Caribbean influence. “Seventeen” is the most accessible rock number she has made yet but it totally works as a teenage anthem, and closer “Stay” points to her future as an electronic music sculptor. Remind Me Tomorrow is her most introspective and diverse work, incorporating the digital sound into the singer songwriter atmospherics a la Low or Sparklehorse. This album merges traditional folk rock with new found exploration into the music of the 2010’s in a perfect way.

Best Songs: You Shadow, Stay, Hands, Malibu