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When I make changes to the site’s content, and how those changes were made! Links are present just click on what you need below! I’ll try and keep it as current as possible.


A note about New Updates:

Hey friends, new updates are coming at a slower pace, as I have taken on a second job that requires most of my time and energy. I will try to post when I can and I have by NO MEANS stopped posting new material and reviews.

update for 2020: yeah then i had a bad hernia and had to have surgery….still recovering. It’s Just a little slower paced, while I get my life in order. Thank you for your patience and keep on reading the reviews!

update for 2021/2022: I have become a BOSS at my day job (ha!) and recently tied the knot, so updates are coming back slowly but surely.


Summer/Fall 2021

The Best Albums of 2021



Summer 2020

New Artist – Wire

New Artist – Death Grips

New Artist – Built to Spill



Spring 2020

New Artist – The Besnard Lakes

New Artist – Game Theory



Latter 2019

New List – Best Music of the 2010’s

New List – Best Movies of the 2010’s



Summer 2019

New Artist – MbongWana Star

New Artist – Kurt Vile

New Artist – Malibu Ken

New Artist – Andy Stott

New Artist – Juana Molina

New Artist – Mark Lanegan

New Artist – Vampire Rodents

New Artist – Black Angels, the

New Artist – Tribe Called Quest, a

New Artist – Lone Bellow, the

New Artist – Cult of Luna

New Artist – Shellac

New Artist – Dead Can Dance

New Artist – Feelies, the

New Artist – El-P

New Artist – Kanye West

New Artist – Black Keys, the

New Artist – METZ



Spring 2019

New Artist – Joni Void

New Artist – Priests

New Artist – Sharon Van Etten

New Artist – These New Puritans (Inside the Rose album)

New Artist – Death Grips

New Artist – San Fermin

December 2018 Update

The Best Music of 2018!!!!!



Oct / November 2018 Update

New Artist – Lisa Germano

New Review – Julia Holter – Aviary

New Artist – The Arcade Fire

Updated the Songs of the Week Page to 2018 additions!




Summer 2018 Update

New Artist – Cocteau Twins

New Artist – The Libertines

 New Artist – Big Star

   New Artist – The Books



Spring 2018 Updates

New Artist – Neko Case

New Artist – Jimi Hendrix

New Artist – The Tragically Hip

New Artist – Kevin Coyne – Marjory Razorblade



January 2018 Updates

New Artist – Jesca Hoop

New Artist – Charly Bliss

New Artist – Uniform

New Album – War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

December 2017 Updates

Finally, I updated the Songs of the Week Page to current year 2017

New List – The Best Albums of 2017

October/November 2017 Updates

New Artist Page – Pere Ubu

New Artist Page – Run the Jewels

August / September 2017 Updates:

 new releases by existing artists:

Public Enemy / Interpol / Perfume Genius / Danny Brown / Algiers (pending)

June/July 2017 Updates:

New Artist Page – Robbie Robertson

New Artist Page – Police, The

New Artist Page – Tonto’s Expanding Head Band



May 2017 Updates:

New Song: Heavy Heart

New Artist Page – Julia Holter

New Artist Page – Tackhead



 April 2017 Updates:

New Artist Page – The Soft Boys (completed!)

New Song: Cracked and Broken (performed by The Minor Second)



March 2017 Updates:

New Artist Page – Spoon

New List – The Greatest Albums of the 2010’s

(updated for 2017)



February 2017 Updates:

New Artist Page – Cream

New Artist Page – Perfume Genius

 New List – The Greatest Albums of the 2000’s (updated for 2017)

New Song – Trump Card



January 2017 Updates:

New Artist Page – The New Pornographers

New Artist Page – Danny Brown

New Artist Page – Divine Fits, the

New Artist Page – Maquiladora

New Artist Page – Volcano Choir

New Artist Page – War On Drugs




December 2016 Updates:

New List – The Best Music of 2016

New Artist Page – Morphine

New Artist Page – Troller

New Artist Page – U.S. Girls



November 2016 Updates:

New Artist PageCan

New Artist Page – Doves

New List – The Greatest Albums of the 1990’s (updated for 2017)

Favorite Things Page Added – My Biggest Influences

October 2016 Updates:

New Artist Page – Creedence Clearwater Revival

New Artist Page – Talking Heads

New Song Added – Miracle Eyes (rough mix)

New Song Added – Rely On (rough mix)

New Song Added – The Minor Second (thesis)

September 2016 Updates:

New Artist Page – R.E.M.

New Artist Page – Public Enemy

New List – The Greatest Albums of the 1980’s (updated for 2016)

New Song Added – Past Tense (rough mix)

August 2016 Updates:

New Artist Page –  Husker Du

New Artist Page – Interpol

New List – The Greatest Albums of the 1970’s (updated for 2016)

Links Page Added – My Favorite Links

New Song Added – Kodiak

New Song Added – Ain’t Gonna

July 2016 Updates:

New Artist Page – Sonic Youth

New Artist Page – These New Puritans

New List – The Greatest Albums of the 1960’s

New List – The Greatest Albums of the 2010’s

New Song Added – I Don’t Know Why but It Works

New Song Added – Crazy On Me

Enjoy My Friends! and don’t forget to email me at with any thoughts or critiques 😛