Andy Stott albums


Luxury Problems (4.5 / 5)

       If this is the techno music of the future, it will be a dark future indeed. Though the light female vocals do sound somewhat comforting at times (especially in opener “Numb” and chanter “Hatch the Plan”) most the album feels like people being used and abused in a systematic way. It might make a good sound track for a dystopian future type scenario like Blade Runner, 1984, or Metropolis. The first half of the record probably works the best, with “Lost and Found” being the most traditional tune and “Sleepless” being the most futuristic – its black hole type beats propel the genre forward in a very unique way. The second half of the record works too, but it’s hardly dance music- more a like a murky ambient mess. For all the downtrodden and dark sounds produced on the record, closer “Leaving” does leave some hope to be found. In all I am glad the record exists, and when I am in the mood to be enthralled and inspired I pull it out for a listen. The claustrophobic atmosphere is enticing.

Best Tracks: Sleepless, Hatch the Plan, Numb