The Greatest Albums of Each Decade

Each of these lists is just that, a list of all of the great albums I have heard from each decade of Rock Music, in my order of personal preference. The stuff at the top will be 5 Star “Plus” Albums, then 5 Star Albums, then 4 1/2 Star albums. Anything lower than a grade of 4 ½ is not considered for the list, as that would take too long and though and album can be considered enjoyable and good (3 ½ or 4 stars) I do not consider those albums as “great” or “masterpieces”.


I would love to arrange these lists the way I have my Artists listed on the site (i.e. by more accurate decades such as 1965-1974, 1975-1984, etc.) but that is a relatively new idea to me and it would take more time then I currently have. So, someday that will happen! For now, enjoy them like this. These lists are encyclopedic in nature and while I do know these albums very well, it will take me years to review every single one. I will link what I can to their respective artist pages, when I can 😎




The Greatest Albums of the 1960’s

The Greatest Albums of the 1970’s

The Greatest Albums of the 1980’s

The Greatest Albums of the 1990’s

The Greatest Albums of the 2000’s

The Greatest Albums of the 2010’s